The 7 Principles of Meyerhold's Biomechanics

OTKAS literally - refusal.

Otkas is the preparation movement preceding the actual intended movement. Like reaching back oder taking a swing before the throw. This is where the idea or intention is born.

POSYL literally - sending.

Posyl is the realisation of the intended movement.

TORMOS literally - the brake.

Tormos enhances the precision and musicality of a movement. It is often used at the end of a movement sequence.

STOIKA literally - stance.

Stoika is the dyamic fixation at the end of a movement phrase with the perspective of a new Otkas.

RAKURS literally - foreshortening (from the french word raccourci)

Rakurs means the perspective shortening. The actors offers the audience a various range of his body perspectives.

GRUPIROVKA literally - the grouping

It is a physical concentration, often around the point of command (solar plexus) and in connection with the Otkas, which creates a dramatic tension in the body and in space.

KONTRAPUNKT literally - counterpoint

While making a scenic movement, the actor includes a countermovement to generate a bigger impact of his initial movement and form.